Counter Short Type Single Door – Yüksel Endüstriyel

Counter Short Type Single Door

icon-01 Dismountable shelf holder attachment

icon-01 Advanced 12-Hour computer performance test for each product

icon-01 Efficiency enhancing advanced computerized technology

icon-01 Premium class energy saving design with special air ventilation system

Model Temp.
( °C )
 Stainless Steel
 Package Dimensions
TT - 1N70-2 / +8138275AISI 30493.5x70x8597.5x74x9170
TT - 1D70-10 / -20138470AISI 30493.5x70x8597.5x74x9175
TT - 1N60-2 / +8117270AISI 30493.5x60x8597.5x64x9165
TT - 1D60-10 / -20117465AISI 30493.5x60x8597.5x64x9170
TT - 1N70-E-2 / +8138275AISI 43093.5x70x8597.5x74x9170
TT - 1D70-E-10 / -20138470AISI 43093.5x70x8597.5x74x9175
TT - 1N60-E-2 / +8117270AISI 43093.5x60x8597.5x64x9165
TT - 1D60-E-10 / -20117465AISI 43093.5x60x8597.5x64x9170

icon-01 Tested at ambient temp. 42°C -e humidity

icon-01 Removable and easy cleaning magnetic gaskets

icon-01 Smart electrical auto-defrost

icon-01 Automatic water evaporation system

icon-01 Solid formed tray

icon-01 Stainless steel legs for height adjustment

icon-01 50 mm body insulation

icon-01 Static cooling

icon-01 Single shelf in each section

icon-01 Glass door freezer option is unavailable

Glass Door

Worktop Types

Drawer 1/2

Polyethylene Worktop

Without Worktop Table

Left Engine

Epoxy Coated Shelf

Door Lock

Drawer 1/3

Granite Worktop

Stainless Steel Horizontal Type Back

220 V 60 Hz

Stainless Steel Shelf


Drawer 2/3

Marble Worktop

Spring Hinge

Curved Back Table