About Us

Yüksel Endüstriyel, serving in the commercial kitchen market , was founded in 1987 in a 200 m² workplace as a family company and evolved to a stock joint company in 1993. Yüksel Endüstriyel started working on kitchen oriented large-scale project designing and production, and increased its quality by enlarging workforce and product variety over the years. Yüksel Endüstriyel became a competitive company in both the national and international area.

Yüksel Endüstriyel adopted continuous development and innovation as company mission, that is why the company always aims to be a pioneering in its own market by creating lots of sub-brands over the years and years. In 1993, Portashelf was created as a sub-brand to produce Turkey's first patented shelving systems. Portabianco, as a second sub-brand, aims to produce professional vertical & horizontal cold units and dishwashers, which is created after 18 months of R&D process in 2016. In 2017, to enlarge product variation, Avatherm brand which is producing thermoboxes joined to Yüksel Endüstriyel family.

Yüksel Endüstriyel production factories are located in Kocaeli-Kandıra and Tekirdağ-Çerkezköy which are build on 50,613 m² as outdoor and 23,000 m² as indoor. Also, a selling office is located in Istanbul-Okmeydanı. The company continues exporting 4 continents, 72 countries.

The company holds ISO 9001, TSE Quality certificate, environmental, occupational health, and healthy certificates. Moreover, Portashelf holds NFS certificate.